Frequently Asked Questions

Are Home Inspections Required?

Home inspections are an extra expense and usually optional, so do you really need one? Probably. Money might be tight for closing, but try to imagine moving in and finding out that the air conditioning unit isn't capable of cooling the house, or that portions of the electrical system are substandard, or that the chimney needs immediate repairs. 

What if the Inspection Uncovers Problems?

First, your offer to purchase should have included a detailed statement regarding your rights to a home inspection. The standard contract used by real estate agents may give you the right to back out of a contract if a home inspection uncovers more problems than you are willing to deal with. If it does not, the wording should be added in the form of a contingency. 

If it is a brand new house, do I still need a home inspection?

Yes, new construction isn't always problem-free.