What to expect

We check all major components of your new home:


Siding Roof Electrical Service
Furnace Electrical Outlets Plumbing
Hot Water Heater Appliances Lighting
Sinks Toilets Doors
Windows Foundation Air Conditioning


While we are working we encourage you to stay with us and feel free to ask questions; we want you to be completely informed.

After we are through inspecting the house, we will go over all of the details with you.  At this time, we will consult with you on which items you wish to include on the Inspection Report that we will prepare for you, your Realtor and attorney.  Usually, any defects in the major components of the house, major repair items and items that affect safety and habitability are included on the report.  Any and all items that are of special concern to you will also be included.

The report will sent to your attorney, realtor, or anyone that you wish to have a copy.  We will email a copy to you also a full, room by room report, approximately 50 pages.